4 Simple Tips to Have a Great Smile

  1. Brush   It is surprising how many people still do not brush twice per day. I often hear that people think it is most important to do it before bed or just after waking up. The reason for brushing is not just to stop bad breath. It is to clean your teeth and gums from food debris and plaque. Plaque never stops forming. Dental plaque is made up of different kinds of bacteria. Buildup of these bacteria lead to cavities and gum disease.

2. Floss using the C-method I always urge people to curve the floss and go under the pink triangles of gum. That is where all the plaque likes to hide.

3. Whitening White teeth have long been considered a sign of good health and beauty. Some of us are born with naturally beautiful white teeth. For everyone else there is Teeth Whitening. There are many products out there that promise to make smiles brighter. A simple and natural way to whiten teeth is to use a combination of baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide. Just a little of each can remove surface stains and polish enamel. Whitening strips are also available by Crest or in our office for professional quality Opalescence. Teeth also stay whiter with regular cleaning with toothbrush and floss.

4. Wear Red Lipstick Maybe this is a better option for the ladies, but red or bright colored lipstick can make teeth look brighter. It also draws attention to the face. A smile in general shows confidence…and confidence is always beautiful.

Have a great summer!

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