5 Food and Wellness books to Improve your Life

Stroll through the food and health section of any bookstore still standing and you’re likely to be overwhelmed by the number of books shouting back at you with messages for you and your body. But, where to start? Eating for your blood type? Sugar-busting? Mindfulness Meditation? We’ll help you sort through the muck. When it comes to getting good information about health and fitness, knowing where to start is the most important piece of the puzzle. Now on to the list!

Flexibility and Body Mechanics: “Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence “ by Eric Goodman

If you occupy a chair most of your working day, your body is likely way out of whack. Back problems, tight glutes, plantar fascia problems… it’s just all a mess. By getting out of your chair and working on a few simple exercises to re-stabilize your core, you’ll feel better, look better, and “work” better as a result. Chiropractic doctor, and elite athletic trainer, Dr. Eric Goodman has long been considered an expert in this area, and his book has been an easy-to-follow manual for people looking to add more fluidity and comfort to their stiff bodies for years.

Food, Part I: “What to Eat,” by Marion Nestle

Ever wish you could stroll the grocery store with a food expert – someone who could help make sense of food labels, and debunk claims made by big food companies? Then, this is the book for you. Nutritionist, Marion Nestle tackles each aisle one by one in her instant classic from 2015.

Food Part II: “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” by Michael Pollan

Understanding good food choices also means knowing where your food comes from – and where it’s come from historically. Journalism professor, and long-time writer for the New York Times, Pollan’s book has been so well regarded over the years, there is now also a young reader’s edition! A must read.

Mind: “Mindfulness in Plain English,” by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Another gem. For twenty years, Buddhist monk, Bhante Henopla Gunaratana’s book on mindfulness has been the go-to book for the over-worked and over-tired. If stress is a part (and, really who isn’t stressed to some degree?), start here.

Muscles:Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training,” by Mark Rippetoe

This is not a book for aspiring body builders. Well, it could be. But it’s also for you. Want to maintain a healthy weight? Protect your body from injury? Be the strong-man/strong-woman for whomever you’d like to impress? Rippetoe’s manual on muscle building will help you get there with less time in the gym, and most importantly – safely, because of his focus on showing how to lift with good form. You can’t have a lean body without lean muscle!

Not sure where to begin?  We have great local people who can teach you a lot about food, nutrition, and help you to get set up on a health and wellness plan that works for you. Our friends at Power Fit Personal Training have helped a few of us at Blue Apple to keep in shape and be mindful of our health and wellness. 24 Hour Fitness is across the street and has a beautiful facility to help people maintain their goals. Oliver’s has delicious organic (or not) fresh fruits, vegetables and locally sourced foods.  We are blessed to live in a place where people are very aware of what it takes to be healthy.  We also have lots of great recommendations and ideas in our previous Blogs or on Facebook and Twitter. Friend or follow us for regular info and updates.

Be well and have a great summer my friends!