Will this hurt much? We hear that concern often related to dental implant pain. Fear of pain often keeps many away from the dentist. It is crazy to think that ‘Novocaine’ was invented 100 years ago. Original Novocaine caused many to have allergic reactions, but has been modified in the last 100 years to the more common types of anesthetics that are used around the world.

Local anesthesia has transformed the way that dentistry can be performed. Pain management is a huge feature of the dental industry. There are many types of local anesthetics to numb teeth, gums and bone so dental procedures can be performed. Laughing gas or Nitrous Oxide is inhalable and reverses when breathing oxygen for about five minutes. Oral Conscious Sedation helps tremendously with dental anxiety. Take a little pill the night before and the morning of and remember little to nothing about your visit to the dental office. I have experience working with a range of anxieties and medical complications. With honest communication about the depth of your anxieties or fears about having dental work done, we can find a fitting pain solution for you.

Sometimes teeth are removed and implants are placed immediately. With simple extractions (when the tooth comes out easily) there is usually minor discomfort or pain for a few days afterward. With more complicated surgical extractions, discomfort can last longer. Many of our implant patients report having no dental implant pain or little to no need for pain medication after having implants placed. Some implant related surgeries like implant removal, sinus lifts or bone regeneration treatments can result in some slight to moderate soreness or swelling. Usually the discomfort subsides after a couple of days. Click here to see video of what these treatments are.

We also have any of our implant patients using Oracare mouthrinse before and after surgery. This revolutionary mouthwash works to keep infection at bay and the mouth clean. We see amazing results with regular use of this mouthwash combined with dental implant procedures. I recommend for people having a major implant surgery to take it easy for the following day or two. No heavy lifting or strenuous activity. Before the weekend is great because you have time to rest and heal up before returning to work on Monday. You may not have any dental implant pain, but you should still take it easy.

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