Hello friends and Happy New Year!

2016 is off with a bang and I am excited for a better year! None of us were Powerball winners, but it is fun to dream about what you could do with $1.5 Billion.

This year Blue Apple Dental Group will be announcing some exciting news.

We will be moving the office sometime this year, probably late summer.

We will still be in the neighborhood, but will be moving into a brand new state of the art facility on State Farm Drive near Rohnert Park Expressway. We are very excited for the move and to be able to offer more services to our existing and future customers. We will officially notify all of our patients when we have our move in date locked so that there will be less confusion about where we are located.

Just like last year, we plan to have some great events and Specials.

We will continue to keep you all updated on the latest news and offers thru Facebook and social media, and this email blog. If you are not already a friend of ours on social media, click here to connect on Facebook. Like the Blue Apple Dental Group page to see our posts.

Once again we will be gearing up for our Invisalign Day in April. We offer a discount on the usual cost for people with and without dental insurance.

Have you or someone you know wanted to straighten your teeth? Having straight teeth is not all for looks. It also helps for better dental hygiene and easier management of gum disease. Aligned teeth can also help with reducing headaches or tension from clenching or grinding of teeth. For those of you interested, we do offer a no cost evaluation. Pictures and simple impressions are all it takes to see if Invisalign will work for you. Call us today to make an appointment at 707-795-4523.

In February we will be helping out with Give Kids a Smile, a day for kids to receive free dental care nationally and in the community. Late summer we will be running our overwhelmingly popular dental implant special. In September we honor veterans with dentistry on Freedom Day USA, and we will be hosting our Candy Buy Back again the day after Halloween.

We also just got notice that our application for billing to medicare has been approved! We will be letting you know more about how PPO Medicare and medical insurance can be used to pay for certain dental bone surgeries or extractions in the following months.

We wish you much joy and happiness in 2016 and are happy to have you as a part of the Blue Apple family.

See you soon and be well.

Family dental care and cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.

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