Reduce Tooth Sensitivity with these Toothpastes

by Oriana Biela-Lieu, RDH

SensitiveteethThe days are finally getting cooler. I can tell because of my tooth sensitivity. Winter months have colder outside temperatures. For those with sensitive teeth, like myself, even taking in a sharp breath through your mouth can cause extreme dental pain.  Patients who grind or clench their teeth or who have dental recession (or rooth exposure) are often the ones that feel it the most. We also get questions about tooth sensitivity after Crest Whitestrips, tooth sensitivity after fillings, tooth sensitivity to hot, or tooth sensitivity to sweets. All of these are common concerns we hear of often, so we keep a few products available for home use that really work. Clinpro 5000 and MI Paste are two that many of our patients use.

Prescription-strength Clinpro™ 5000 toothpaste is a breakthrough in anti-cavity toothpaste. It is a multi-mineral Clinpro_3Productstoothpaste which helps strengthen teeth better than regular toothpaste to protect your teeth from decay. It is designed to replace your regular toothpaste at home. Clinpro 5000 contains a mild abrasive that gently removes stains to help clean and whiten your teeth. Dr. Lieu and our Hygienists recommend to use daily for nighttime brushing.  Some people have questions about the safety of Fluoride. Read my previous Blog exploring the pros and cons of Fluoride use and water fluoridation for Sonoma County here.

Benefits of Clinpro 5000

  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Contains fluoride, calcium, and phosphate which maintain healthy teeth
  • Delivers more than 4 times the fluoride of regular toothpaste
  • Remineralizes tooth enamel white spots to protect from future cavities
  • Easy to use in place of regular toothpaste
  • Low abrasion: safe for all teeth, even exposed roots
  • Comes in three flavors – Vanilla Mint, Spearmint, and Bubble Gum
  • Cost-effective; each 4-ounce tube lasts up to 6 months

Another paste we recommend and that our hygienists polish sensitive teeth with is MI PastemipastestrawberryOnly available through your dentist, MI Paste, a calcium-phosphate remineralizing paste, is a safe and effective way to treat a variety of oral health conditions. It may also be the most effective way to reduce cavities in mature adults, especially when combined with regular dental cleanings and the use of high-fluoride toothpastes, like Clin Pro 5000.

MI Paste can be used to:

  • Reduce high oral acid levels, either from drinking too many soft drinks or from pregnancy
  • Reverse tooth sensitivity before and after professional cleaning
  • Treat periodontal problems caused by diabetes
  • Restore enamel gloss after whitening procedures
  • Relieve dry mouth caused by certain medications or medical conditions (click here for more info)
  • Coat teeth whose enamel has eroded from acid reflux disease or from eating disorders like bulimia
  • Alleviate the pain of oral ulcers
  • Treat cavities and conditions arising from loss of saliva
  • Buffer the acids produced by oral bacteria and plaque
  • Provide regular conditioning during orthodontia treatment and after bands and brackets have been removed, to prevent and reverse white spot lesions

MI Paste is not a substitute for regular toothpaste as it lacks cleaning agents and fluoride. It is not available in stores as a prescription or over-the-counter product. Click here to see the many ways it can be applied. Ask us whether you would benefit from MI Paste.