Holiday Smiles from Your Dental Office

happy holidaysHappy Holidays from your dental office! It is the Christmas holiday rush and our last day of the year here at Blue Apple Dental Group. October, November and December are always busy months for a dental office. Many people want to use up their insurance benefits, or notice with the weather changing and eating more sweets that their teeth just don’t feel right. For some reason, full moons and Sonoma County’s coastal fog really bring on the pain to people with large cavities.  Changes in pressure in the air cause dental nerves to become extra sensitive. Sweets and cold can really get those nerves jumping!

We at Blue Apple Dental Group are always happy to help with your dental care needs.  This year we have added some new products and services that our patients love. These include Sensational Smiles 20 minute in office teeth whitening and our fabulous Oracare mouthwash.  We have also been giving new smiles to young and old with our dental implant procedures.

Thanks to all of you who have been fans and referred a friend or family member. We are adding a new thank you gift for referrals. We will continue to send the movie or assorted dining/fun gift cards. You can still get your Sensational teeth whitening as a thank you gift.  We are also now offering a $25 credit toward your bill as a thank you for a referral.  A referral is the greatest compliment you could give us!   We want to let you know we appreciate you thinking of us.  Our goal is to treat all of our patients like family and we welcome more fantastic Blue Apple family members like you. You can share the Viva cards (credit card style referral cards for $100 off or Free Teeth Whitening for New Patients) or have a friend call the dental office for information about our Plan for Health dental membership which offers over $700 in savings for the year.

We are also kicking off new dental implant pricing.  We will now offer discounts for multiple implants and are learning (in January) how we can help people over 65 have some of the cost for implants and bone grafting covered by your medical insurance. We still offer complementary dental implant consultations, so if you or a loved one have been putting off that implant or have loose dentures or an uncomfortable partial, now is the time to check into what Dr. Lieu and the team can do to make your “dental dreams” come true.  You can also learn more about dental implants next year by reading Dr. Lieu’s blog.  Stay local and visit a great more personable dental implant office. We promise an amazing experience every time, compared to out of town Clear Choice.

We look forward to having a great 2015 and hope you do too.  We will have some exciting new changes coming up in the new year, so keep reading every month to stay abreast of what is happening.

Take a Bite Out of Life!