How can Dental Implants Make Your Gums and Smile look Better?

tooth-loss-and-dental-implantsOne of the best things about today’s cosmetic dentistry is how dramatically your smile can be enhanced with very simple, conservative procedures, including those for dental implants. All of us differ in terms of our appetite for cosmetic improvement. But a custom plan can be developed that fits your own particular desire—and comfort level.

A great smile is the sum of its components. These include color, tooth spacing, size, straightness, gum line, and more. As we age, all of these components can be negatively affected: teeth darken, little chips and gaps show up, gum tissue contours grow less than perfect, or bone recession changes the outward appearance of the face.

There’s no need to settle for this decline—we can help! There are smile repairs we can make that were unheard of in our parent’s time due to limitations of technology and materials.

Remember, wherever you are on your personal timeline, the condition of your teeth, mouth and gums can be improved. We have choices—lots of them. Go for it!

Easy Options…

Brighter, Whiter Teeth

Ask us about our tooth-whitening procedures. Safe, simple, comfortable—and bound to make a dazzling difference.

Tooth contouring and correcting minor imperfections

Tooth bonding and porcelain laminate veneers lend new form—and youth—to front teeth. These thin, super-strong coatings to natural teeth hide a multitude of defects. And the procedure’s about as stressful as getting your nails done.

Tooth-colored fillings

Dental amalgam—metal—has been used for generations to fill cavities with fine practical results.  Today a lot of folks are opting to exchange old amalgam fillings for tooth-colored replacements. The natural look boosts both a youthful appearance and self-confidence. Metal fillings are also known to release trace amounts of mercury (a potential carcinogen) as they break down. Who wants that in their mouth?

Gum line improvement

Gums play an important aesthetic part in a smile, by framing teeth the way a frame fits a painting. An asymmetrical gum line has the same impact on teeth that a warped frame would have on artwork. Correction is possible through a simple cosmetic gum lift. Could you be a candidate?

Orthodontic straightening and correction

Braces? At your age? Today, plenty of adults are believers in braces. Invisalign is a fantastic solution for adults wanting to correct and straighten their smile without the metal mouth look.

Tooth Replacements

Dental implants are a wonderful option for the right candidates—they look and act just like natural teeth. Thinking about it?  Read this to see if they are the right option for you.