So many good things come in blue!

by Oriana Biela, Registered Dental Hygienist

This month, we have some very exciting news to share with our patients and our friends. The Anthony Lieu, DMD, Dental Implants & Family Dentistry team is happy to announce that we are changing our name to Blue Apple Dental Group!

Your first thought might be “So what is a blue apple?!” Personally, I have never seen a blue apple, either, but I do know that there are many fantastic things that come in the color blue: blue suede shoes, the song Blue Monday, blue jeans, the album Blue Note by Miles Davis, Johnny Walker Blue Label, the ocean, bluegrass music, and blue skies, just to name a few. Many fruits and vegetables do come in a blue variety, such as potatoes and corn. And Dr. Lieu and I both love the Golden State Warriors – whose team colors are California Golden Yellow and, of course, Warriors Royal Blue. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. We love many, many things that are blue!

Apples are my favorite fruit. When Dr. Lieu and I lived in Boston, I always looked forward to the fall so we could go apple-picking. There are so many varieties of apples – it’s incredible. Many varieties aren’t available in stores because their taste, texture, or best use doesn’t fit in with the common use or palate. To my knowledge, none of them are blue, but I wish it was!

Originally, our practice logo was a red apple with just a hint of blue. And then I began to notice that patients and visitors coming in to our office happened to be sporting shades of blue in their clothing. One day, we were having a fun conversation in the office about that fact, and from that came the name – Blue Apple Dental Group.

As part of this change, we are also planning to expand upon the possibility of offering more products, services and great doctors to treat our patients at the same level of care, quality and standards that people have come to know and love at our office. We will still be the same team here to take care of you, and Dr. Lieu will still be the All-Star MVP dentist his patients know and love.

We will always keep you posted about any other changes that could possibly affect you or your care. Thank you for reading, and for being a part of our new Blue Apple community!