Sending you a Smile from Blue Apple

by Oriana Biela Lieu, Registered Dental Hygienist

Dr. Lieu Session 1 27Hello readers.  I am sending you a #smile today from #Blue Apple!

Between figuring out what to cook for dinner and playing super mommy, my other life as a business woman pushes me to keep discovering ways to connect with others and spread the news about how comfortable dentistry can change people’s smile and life.  With life’s busy demands sometimes it can feel overwhelming and when someone reminds me to smile, I take that as an obvious reminder to stop for a moment and enjoy where I am and what I am doing. When you smile genuinely, you feel good. A smile is contagious. I know other busy moms sometimes just need to remember to smile as well.

I try not to work all the time and love zoning out in Google land. My latest discoveries include #hashtagging, I now know all about Zayne Malik (the One Direction singer) and was also busy on Pinterest. It is easy to get hooked on Pinterest, and wee keep the Blue Apple Pinterest page full of great informational pins and fun infographics on how to keep your family’s smile bright and healthy.  Click here to check it out and follow us.

Busy moms also want to look their best in the least amount of time.  That’s why I wanted to share this information about our upcoming event. Invisalign is such an easy way to create the smile you have always wanted. Our Invisalign Day is happening on April 30, 2015 and I love to see the smile transformations that happen from using #Invisalign.  What would be ready to do with a new bright straightened smile?  Get married? Go for that dream job? It’s amazing that thin little clear plastic trays and tiny shaped globs of composite are all that is necessary to see dramatic change.  Sometimes the change happens so quickly that trays are worn for less than 6 months.

I have a couple of examples of great Invisalign success stories.

Our very own Karen completed a course of Invisalign for 12 months.  She wanted to do it to correct some overlap of her front teeth. She had worn a retainer for years but it was not improving her smile, just keeping things where they were. Karen did the impressions and photos and found out she needed to wear 10 Sets of aligners in 12 months.

Karen’s tip for Invisalign users: “Change to a new tray at night, and take  an Advil before you go to sleep. It makes it easier to adjust to the tightness of a new aligner.  Also, really get into the habit of brushing and flossing after meals. Otherwise your trays get yucky and you can develop gum problems.”smile-with-overlap

Shelly, our hygienist, also did Invisalign. She was happy with her smile but was clenching her teeth all the time and hitting teeth when she chewed. She did it to correct her bite. Shelly needed 8 sets of trays and about 12 months of treatment. Shelly’s smile was not dramatically different (still beautiful) at the end of her Invisalign, but her bite was improved and she was no longer hitting teeth or causing damage, pain and stress to her teeth from clenching.

Shelly’s tip for Invisalign users, “Really get serious about brushing and flossing. I used Oracare and would sometimes soak my trays in it so they didn’t get gross. Food and plaque will get held in between teeth or under the gums by the trays. If you don’t clean your teeth, you are setting yourself up for cavities or gum problems. And don’t drink coffee with your trays on! Stains your teeth!”

Thinking about Invisalign for yourself or a friend or family member? Come in for a free consultation.

To get started we just take impressions and photos and send it off to Invisalign to see how long they estimate it will take to move your teeth.   We can also tell you what the Invisalign cost would be and help you with financing thru Care Credit or how to use your insurance benefits to cover part of the Invisalign cost. Call today! Invisalign day is Thursday April 30, but you don’t have to wait till then to get started. We honor the special anytime between now and April 30.   Maybe you will be one of next year’s featured cases!

Have any special questions? Call the office at (707)795-4523 or send us a reply below. Questions help others with similar concerns, so please share!