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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, naturally, a time to think about mom. Mom is always your first fan. Mom knows what’s wrong before you do. Mom has that special dish she makes that makes you feel loved. Sometimes I think to be a mom is to be part entertainer, part magician, part emergency nurse, part chef, and part housekeeper. Not to mention a dog walker, a driver, and a referee.

There are probably not that many Leave It To Beaver-June Cleaver-type moms out there anymore. Claire Dunphy from Modern Family is more the norm. My husband has learned not to ask any of the following questions: “Why is the house messy?” or  “Why is dinner burned?” or “You look like you haven’t combed your hair” after a long day at home with two toddlers. He just moves out of the way when he gets home, giving me the 10 minutes of peace and quiet I need. To all of the Moms out there: Realize that you can’t do it all, and just do the best you can.

I have been having a true “mommy” week with a mysterious rash on my son’s body and feet so itchy he is begging me to scratch his heels all hours of the day and night, while the other one is teething and wants to be held infinitely. Sometimes I wish I was a kangaroo so I could put my babies in my pouch and hop along. Lately I’m feeling more like a koala.


It’s exhausting, but worth it all. I love seeing my little guys develop and grow. Isaac asks the best questions. A few months ago he asked me, “Are mommies strong?” I remember that question because I was having a very weak moment. It made me think about the question. Lots of moms – new and seasoned – put so much pressure on themselves to be the pillar of a family.

Moms are the ones who make decisions for the children, often choose the family doctor or dentist, run the household finances, plan vacations and remember birthdays … and they try to do it all with a smile. I could go on and on about women being “strong” and the relationship of that with chivalry and my opinions about how important it is for ladies to lift weights and not just do cardio.

But as far as my son Isaac’s question, my most honest answer would be, “All mommies try to be strong, in some way.” I don’t know if he was asking if I can lift heavy things or if I can be a leader in the face of struggle. I think what matters most is that I remember that I am strong enough to be a champion for my son.

I encourage you to take a minute this Mother’s Day to do something nice for your Mom. Call her, hug her, tell her – honestly and authentically – something she did that made you feel loved by her. Of course, flowers, jewelry, and treats are nice … but being told you’re the best and that you are appreciated is much nicer.


Mom-to-Mom Recipe Share: Chimichurri Chicken

To make your week a little easier as a Mom, here’s a wonderful recipe that I highly recommend. It’s unique, healthy, easy and delicious. Oh, and you can make it on the grill in 12 minutes! http://www.bhg.com/recipe/chimichurri-chicken/


And to leave you with a little zombie/baby comparison humor:






cosmetic_smOriana Biela-Lieu is a registered dental hygienist and the wife of Dr. Anthony Lieu. Being part of the amazing team at her husband’s dental practice in Rohnert Park, California, is an important part of her life. Teaching chivalry and a balanced life to her two sons, Isaac and Logan, is also a priority.