Studies show: Flossing is pointless!


Flossing is stupid too!
I know so many of you are excited to see these words!

I wish I could say they are true. Unfortunately and fortunately flossing does make a difference!

For those of you who are my patients and readers you know that I will definitely take the time to show how proper technique makes a big difference in your oral hygiene. I demonstrate proper flossing technique at least 4 to 5 times a day, and most often I see that people are making the same mistakes with technique and therefore not seeing results. Click here to see a video about the proper technique for flossing. Many people don’t know that proper flossing gets down underneath the gums.

Plaque build up is constant. As soon as we finish brushing, flossing and doing our daily routine, plaque bacteria are already starting to rebuild. Don’t be discouraged! The more regular you remove plaque the more slowly it rebuilds. The more often you have your teeth cleaned, the less time for harmful gum disease causing bacteria to get down deep under the gums.

CalculusSome Factors contribute to quick buildup of plaque. People have different body chemistry and many medications cause dry mouth.  People with more saliva sometimes build up more plaque and people with less saliva definitely build up more quickly. With less saliva, plaque becomes more sticky. When it sticks to the teeth more easily it is also harder to remove. A thin layer of plaque that sits on the teeth will eventually harden into tartar (also known as calculus) and can’t be removed just buy regular brushing and flossing. A sonicare toothbrush helps a lot as does a WaterPik. Both work to get underneath the gums and in between the teeth and flush out food particles and plaque bacteria.

Diet is another big contributor. Plaque bacterial love sugar. Plaque bacteria love carbs. I see lots of people who are carb hungry eating chips, cookies, crackers (or anything from a box). Often processed foods are carb heavy or have added sugar for flavor. I often see a big difference when people cut back on the carbs and eat more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Here is a Blog I love all about healthy food choices and cutting out processed foods from your family’s diet.

So my friends, please keep flossing! The Oracare mouthwash and brushing and flossing are a sure recipe for success. Until they come up with a magic rinse that stops all cavities and gum disease (there is one in development), we all still have to keep up with our rinsing and flossing.  Keep smiling!