Our friends and family came up with the “Top Five Reasons We Love Blue Apple Dental Group”. Many people who are fans of us for their dental care for themselves and their families appreciate the extra things we do to make it an experience when you come in. This blog is a tribute to our fans. We love to celebrate our Blue Apple family every chance we get, like we did at our latest patient appreciation party. Click here to see pictures from the party.

It is not uncommon for people to put off their dental care because of fear. Past experiences of pain can trigger unwelcome memories or fear that keeps people away from what they need to feel better.

Often we see parents who are terrified of the dentist and tell their children that it is something to fear. The kids come in anticipating pain. As a parent I know how important it is to preframe a situation that can be challenging to my children. We always talk about things before they happen and talk about what to expect and how to judge that experience. However, some things bring out the irrational 2 year olds in all of us (don’t talk to me about the eye doctor!!)

Top Five Reasons People Love Blue Apple Dental Group

1. No Judgements

Has it been a long time since you went to the dentist? We know it can be difficult to even walk through the door when you are anticipating pain or are afraid of finding out what is going on in your mouth. Why beat yourself up or have others make you feel bad about your current oral state? We try to keep things light and happy and focus on you getting your care.

2. We Listen

Often people do not like to go to the dentist because they feel their dentist is more concerned with what they think is important and not what is the patient’s first concern. We talk with you and come up with a plan for treatment that addresses your concerns.

3. Your Comfort Comes First

Blankets, or Bose noise-cancelling headphones music to distract you…No problem. We also offer Nitrous oxide and Oral Sedation for those who are really anxious.

4. Modern Equipment and Techniques

Digital Xrays have less radiation than using your smart phone for 30 minutes or sitting in the sun for about the same time. They are also more comfortable. Cerec Crowns in a day eliminate the need for temporaries that fall off and multiple visits to the dentist. In one appointment you can have your new tooth. Our doctor and team are committed to increasing their knowledge of new techniques and materials so you can have a better experience.

5. We Stand by our Work

If something fails or breaks within a short time after it was completed we will fix it for you – no problem. We use quality materials to ensure your dental work lasts.

We love our Blue Apple family and will continue to strive to provide an amazing experience for every friend that walks through our door. Our terrific team makes it a priority to ensure you feel better, sleep better, look better, live longer and look your best.

We want to help you take a bite out of life! Click here to request an appointment.